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Nov 28, 2012 3:00pm PST
. >> -- we will be over the so-called fiscal cliff, joy. >> right. >> so i hear you say he's holding baited breath until january 3rd. >> the fiscal cliff is more of a curve. it wouldn't be some catastrophic thing that would kick in right away. they'd actually have until the 15th of january until most of the first paychecks were coming out. they would have time to fix this because everybody would be voting for a tax cuts. so if all of the tax ruts from the bush era went away, they'd be voting on a middle class tax for everybody, $250,000 and less. that's something that boehner could get substantial votes for. even as crazy and inlogical as it sounds, it's crazy if a guy from oklahoma, not even in a swing state, if he's saying it's over, it's over. boehner just can't admit it. >> now, there is also a talk about fill bu abo about filibustering but hair said something. let me read the comment from dan five officer. the president has said that hasn't changed in the president's supports majority leader reid's efforts to reform the filibuster process. it's pretty heavy. >> it is. it depends on who
Nov 21, 2012 3:00pm PST
, if we have the fiscal cliff, if we go over at the end of the year, that we go back into a recession, why would boehner be doing this? i mean, you look at the polls. 49% people polled say keep or expand obama care. only 33% say repeal it. that's the lowest percent for repealing the law since march 10th of 2010. so why would boehner even play with this. >> he's afraid of the special interest. remember, they were spending $14 million a day to lobby against obama care, which i'm glad we've embraced that term. the reality is the special interests who don't want to pay any tacks or as little as they can, who don't want to reform health care. they are still there. all of those guys who signed those pledges for grover norquist, they are still around. i think the and tea party was a fleeting moment. they are here one moment and gone the next. but the intrinsic interests who always want to push more and more of the costs of running society on the people who can least afford it, they haven't gone anywhere. that's why i said before, this is an organizing moment and we have an opportunity to pull ame
Nov 27, 2012 3:00pm PST
'll be able to work something out by the deadline. if we go off the fiscal cliff and all those good economic numbers turn south, the question is who's going to be blamed for this. a lot of what the president's doing now is making sure that he's not the one who's going to be blamed, that it will be the republicans. that, in turn, puts him in a better bargaining position. >> now, victoria, in 2004 president obama, after his re-election, said he earned political capital. but he wasn't able to accomplish some of his biggest second-term goals. let me show you what mr. bush had to say at that point. >> i earned capital in the campaign, political capital. now i intend to spend it. it is my style. that's what happened in -- after the 2000 election. i earned some capital. i've earned capital in this election and i'm going to spend it. >> but he spent it but he didn't get a lot of what he was trying to push done. is the president, by continuing to go out, continuing a campaign after election day, sort of learning also, not only from what he might not have done before, but what george bush and other in
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3